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    Come and See Us

    School Visits

    The Museum welcomes educational visits from schools and colleges throughout the Sunshine Coast. We offer students and teachers a wonderful opportunity to explore as a group the exciting reminders of the past lifestyles and technologies. Visits always invoke a combination of fun learning and thought provoking insights into history and heritage values.

    School visits can be organised on any weekday to suit curriculum requirements. Telephone (07) 5441 2119 during opening hours (Wednesday to Saturday 1pm-4pm) or simply click School Visit below.

    Group Tours

    A great way for seniors to enjoy a visit to the Museum is with a group. Group visits have proven popular with residents of retirement villages, nursing homes, social and business clubs. Remembering and sharing life’s experiences is much more rewarding in the company of friends and colleagues. Often, the experience assists in documenting those important historical moments and events.

    Telephone (07) 5441 2119 during opening hours (Wednesday to Saturday 1pm-4pm) or simply click Group Tour below.

    Special Events Coming Soon


    TRAINfest – Saturday 14th March 2020

    Join us as we farewell “Petrie” to its new home at the brand new Tramway Terminus near the Coles Shopping Centre in Mill Street. Come along and get up close and personal with the Nambour Museum trains and much more on this special day between 10am and 4pm. Download our flyer.

    Postscript – A fabulous turnout and response from the public to this unique event with train whistles blasting at the hands of young and old alike. What followed days later was the arrival of Covid-19 and now the ‘Petrie’ awaits the opening of the Tramway Terminus.


    Saturday 8th August 2020 – 9am to 3pm Council Forecourt

    The 2020 Retro Rocks was expected to hit the town in a really big way this year but Covid-19 and the temporary closure of the Nambour Museum has sadly prevented its involvement this year. The Museum was planning a significant supporting role once again by setting up amazing displays from the 70s against a background of swinging music.

    The good news is that the main event will go ahead in the forecourt and carpark of the Council Chambers in Bury Street, Nambour with lots of memories of yesteryear on display. Check out the girls, classic old motor vehicles and caravans, the music and much more.


    August – September 2020

    The 75th Anniversary of Japan’s formal surrender in World War II will occur on 2nd September 2020. With many local people having been actively involved in WW II, the Museum will be recognising this significant event with a special memorial day later in the year on a date to be advised, Lest We Forget.

    Due to Covid-19 restrictions and temporary closure of the Museum, this special event has had to be cancelled. However, we invite local people and visitors alike to come along and view the extensive military collections upon the Museum’s reopening.

    Click SURRENDER to watch a short video which covers the actual occasion amazingly well. Lest We Forget.

    (After watching the video, don’t forget to click the back arrow to return to the Nambour Museum website)

    Recent Initiatives

    Over recent weeks and months, a number of key projects aimed at improving the quality of the venue and visitor experience have begun.


    Impressive historical images of the old town now adorn the front glass windows. The perforated window decals also reduce the heat factor while still allowing clear vision from the inside. On the western side of the building, window tinting has also addressed the heat factor and added protection for exhibits.

    Air Conditioning

    Improvements to the internal temperatures during summer months have occurred recently with new air conditioning units in a few display rooms. Guests will be delighted to hear that a recent community funding approval will allow all rooms within the Museum to be air conditioned in the weeks ahead.


    The exterior of the large timber structure has been repainted while the many internal walls of the historic building are currently receiving similar treatment.

    New Display

    An exciting new display which will focus on the old PMG / Post Office days when letters, telegrams and manual telephone exchanges reigned supreme is presently under construction.

    Recent Events

    For a glance at some of the Museum’s special events and activities which have been held in recent times, simply click News.