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    Reference Materials

    Reference Materials


    The Nambour Museum has an extensive collection of publications, reference materials and documents pertaining to the local area. Visitors are welcome to inspect the library and conduct personal research during office hours for a nominal sum. Photocopying facilities are also available (fees apply).

    Family Histories

    The research library would be incomplete without a number of interesting family histories relating to both pioneering families and those who have come along in more recent years to make a significant contribution to the local community.


    A marvellous range of black and white photographs taken around the turn of the twentieth century plus others from the Great Depression era provide a thought provoking insight into the early days of Nambour. These and others from a wide range of collections are accessible for public viewing.


    The video collection includes formal documentaries on the sugar industry, the Moreton Mill and various aspects of our telegraphic and telephonic history. Using old photographs, the Museum has also developed several interesting and informative slideshow presentations which relate specifically to local people and the local area. All videos are available for viewing on site but are not for sale.

    Publications for Sale

    The keen interest of local historians is reflected in a wide range of publications produced to either commemorate special events or to satisfy curiosity about surrounding local features. These publications may be inspected at the Museum and most are usually available for purchase. If interested, click Publications  for the latest information.

    Other Heritage Links

    For those eager to conduct private heritage research into local families, businesses and lifestyles, a summary of websites which might prove useful is available. The document also includes reference to other community organisations offering a broad range of information about current events and activities in and around Nambour including the broader Sunshine Coast. Refer to Links for more information.